We are SO happy to have you join our family! Here are a few policies we have at the studio to keep our classes running smoothly and to give everyone the best experience possible!

Basic Overview


 You may pre-order apparel before your first class by emailing or calling us with your child's sizes and color and style preferences.  You are also welcome to borrow any of our loaner shoes for your first class, and then order your apparel after seeing your options and trying on shoes to find the perfect fit at your first class! Our ballet shoes are high quality leather, and do not have laces. Our tap shoes have stretch buckle straps that students can slip on without having to buckle them. Laces can be a big distraction in class, especially for little ones! We require tap shoes for tap classes, preferably black.  Ballet classes are required to have ballet shoes, preferably pink, and hip hop and jazz classes are required to have black ballet shoes or black jazz shoes.  You may wear any color or style of leotard, skirts or tutus for class.  Hip hop and jazz classes can also wear shorts, leggings, and t shirts that aren't too baggy.  If you wish to borrow our loaner shoes, please arrive about 15 minutes before class so we can fit your child for shoes! 

Upon arrival you will be given your New Student Welcome Pack!  Please have your child use the restroom before class.  Combination classes that have tap will always start with tap.  Halfway through your child's class, they will be dismissed to the waiting area to change into their ballet or jazz shoes. 

Each session will conclude with a Watch Week during your child's regular class day and time.  Parents, siblings, and grandparents are encouraged to attend.  This gives your child the opportunity to show you all of the skills and confidence they have gained throughout the session, and gives you an opportunity to take pictures and video!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!  We are very excited to have you and your child join us!

Pick 3 Package $50  

Pick 4 Package $70

Pick 5 Package $90

Missed Classes

If your child misses a class, please contact Miss Christina to schedule a make up class during your session. We do not issue refunds for missed classes.


Payment in full for each session is expected.  We will prorate tuition from the date of your first class.  If you must withdraw from class for any reason, please notify DancinKids Dance Studio in writing at least 2 weeks before your last class.   Refunds will not be issued without a letter of intent to withdraw. If payment is not received by the first class of the session, your child will be dropped from the class and the space will be made available for another student.   There is a $25 returned check fee. The quality of our facility and faculty depends upon a system of mutual respect. We understand that anyone may make a late payment from time to time, but please be respectful of our tuition due dates and notify us if there are extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from making your full payment at the beginning of the session.


Class Cancellation & Holiday Policy

We will be closed for major holidays and breaks following the SWAC school schedule. This includes Winter Break, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July. We do NOT close for teacher work days. If DancinKids needs to cancel classes, a makeup class will be offered.

"Watch Week"

Out of town guests may request to visit at any time throughout the year. No one else is allowed to sit and watch during regular class time. We offer "Watch Week" once during each session for parents and siblings to observe class and take pictures and video. This eliminates many distractions during our class time, and allows students to form a closer bond and trust with their instructor.
Please be prepared for your child to not want to perform. This is perfectly normal! There is a lot of anxiety for some students during watch week and outside performances. With consistent attendance, most children grow tremendously in their confidence level... So keep up the good work! Praising your child for being a good audience member if they refuse to perform, also helps them to grow!


  • Please encourage your child to use the bathroom before class has begun.
  • If there are 2 children or less in any given class, their class time will be reduced to a 30 minute semi-private or private lesson.
  • If there are less than 4 children registered for a class, the class may be combined with another class resulting in a possible day or time change for your class.
  • Our dance year consists of 36 weeks of classes divided into 4 sessions.
  • Weather cancellations will be announced on local TV stations and will be put on the studio voice mail. Please call to see if class has been cancelled. We may not always follow SWAC weather cancellations.
  • It takes most toddlers and preschoolers about 3 classes before they start to feel comfortable in their class and with their instructor. If needed, parents are welcome to sit in the class but are encouraged to move to the lobby by the 2nd or 3rd class. We love to see the children's confidence blossom as they gain their independence!