Welcome to DancinKids Dance Studio, a place designed specifically for children ages 1-12. A proven curriculum, Dad-Approved music, movement and costumes and a whirlwind class that keeps all these kids on their toes! Watch your child’s confidence blossom as they enter a world of creativity and exploration. Your Twinkle Star, Sparkle Star, Shining Star, and Show Star level students will discover the joy of dance in a class at DancinKids!


Join our new Dance Team.....STAR STRUCK for 6-12 year olds!  Auditions will take place at DancinKids on August 8th at 6:00 PM.  Call us today for more information! 

“You’ve created confidence in kids that they didn’t have.  You made kids cut loose in ways that they don’t outside of dance class.  You’ve made the Fruit Salad Salsa song a staple in our house!”
— Erin W.