Life is not about learning to wait out the storm, its about learning to dance in the rain

Thank you for taking the time to consider us! Here is a list of our past and morals that hold today.

Origin of our business


DancinKids began in 1996 when owner, Christina Kistler began to teach dance classes within schools around the Chicago area. Christina was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show for her work teaching students of limited income free of charge, as part of Oprah's Angel Network. Continuing with that same passion, Christina opened her first studio in North Carolina in 2009 when the need for a community based, less competitive, dance studio was realized. Her desire was to create a comfortable environment where kids of all ages and ranges of talent could become part of a team and learn the art of dance. 

Our Mission

As a mother of three very active children I know how difficult it can be to find an outlet for each of them that is fun, engaging, and instills confidence! Our mission is to create a second home for students where they are free to embrace their love of dance and music through high quality instruction in a welcoming atmosphere. We will achieve this by encouraging every student to enjoy and progress in their work, and to show them that they are each unique and bring their own special qualities to their class!



The art of dance

Possessing the ability to dance is an invaluable skill for social integration, self-expression, and enjoyment.
Everyone should have the opportunity to learn to dance!


Our Instructors

My name is Danielle Sarrazine.  My love for dance began at the age of 3, and that love has continued to grow into a passion. II am very excited to share my love for dance with the students at DancinKids! I've trained in many styles of dance: pointe, ballet, tap, hip hop, ballroom, and modern.  Ballet, jazz, and lyrical are my favorites forms of dance.  I currently dance with Pulse Performers, which is a wonderful group of young ladies who share the same passion for dance that I do!  When I'm not dancing I'm making smiles....literally!  I work as an Orthodontic Assistant at Afdent, making smiles everyday!  I have a kitten named Echo. 

My name is Caroline Wilson and I️ am 16 years old. I️ have been dancing for 14 years and I️ have been assisting/ teaching for 4 years. I️ dance with a competitive dance company  where we compete nationally and practice year round. I️ am also on the Homestead Varsity Dance Team where we also compete nationally and regionally. I️ take master classes and perform in shows at the Fort Wayne Dance Collective. In my free time I️ like to play with my cat and spend time with my family.

Hi! I'm Jadyn Pugh and I go to Homestead High School! I have been dancing for 12 years now and I'm on the Homestead dance team! My favorite food is definitely pizza, and my favorite color is pink or purple! I love learning, and I especially love teaching! I'm very happy to be a part of the DancinKids team!